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Getting back into the office… but it is all new!

So back in February 2020 I was in Cincinnati Ohio at the groundbreaking for Cincinnati Ballet’s Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance.

Then there was COVID-19 and all the closings and staying home. It didn’t change my remote work status, but it was a huge change for lots of people.

Last week I was back in Cincinnati and got to be a part of the Administrative Staff move into the Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance. Check it out –

All that to say I had to get myself ready for air travel, hotel stay, eating out, Uber and to top it off cicadas! Then back to the world of in person meetings, group lunches, chats in the break room and learning a new building, it was overwhelming after so long apart. There was also in Theater performances of Bold Moves Plus.

This week Summer Intensives are happening in the brand-new studios and in the old building on Central Parkway. So, lots of students who could not attend last summer are back and ready to learn.

So, I am glad I got to bookend my COVID-19 isolation with two amazing events with Cincinnati Ballet, and for the staff that moved into the new space I am certain there were feelings of missing the old office space, but I hope the embracing of the new and completely different in work environment reminds everyone change can be scary, but it also can be AMAZING!

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